Urban Winery

About Us

Don’t let the compact size of our winery fool you. Serious winemaking is going on here. We’re ardent believers in minimal intervention winemaking which results in wines that are not only delicious but also have a sense of place. Fortunately that also means we don’t need tonnes of fancy equipment. With just the right basic tools — destemmer, pneumatic press, temperature regulated fermentation vessels and clean oak barrels — we do just enough to allow our grapes and yeast to do the rest.

The Winery

Our winery is compact and simple, which reflects our philosophy of working with nature rather than against it, using the minimum of intervention to make wines that are not only delicious but that also have a sense of place.

The Wine

Our vineyards are all within two hours of London and we harvest by hand in the early morning before transporting the grapes to the winery where they are gently sorted and pressed. The juice is fermented in a mix of oak and stainless steel to create texture and mouthfeel in addition to the wonderful aromas, and our ultimate goal is to make the best wines in the UK. As well as making still whites and rosé we are also making natural sparkling wines, minimising the use of sulphites, and in 2019 we made our first English red wine, which is due for release in August 2020.

The Winemaker

Our Winemaker Gavin Monery has done 27 harvests across 6 countries, including four in Burgundy and one in the Rhone with the esteemed Jean-Louis Chave. Initially from Australia Gavin learned his craft in Margaret River, spending time with Cullen Wines, Moss Wood and Cape Mentelle before catching the travel bug. The south east of England is a far cry from the warm summers of Western Australia, however Gavin was intrigued by the opportunity to be a pioneer in a new region, along with the challenges of making wine in a cold climate.

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